Lifewell Behavioral Wellness is a non-profit integrated healthcare agency providing treatment, services and support for low-income clients diagnosed with serious mental illness (SMI), general mental health issues, and substance abuse disorders. Lifewell offers residential, outpatient and community living programs, which are client centered and adapted to address a broad range of needs.

Lifewell programs provide safe and supportive environments that foster recovery, healthy living and personal growth for clients as they build on existing strengths, focus on addressing deficiencies, and learn new social and vocational skills.


  • To inspire hope
  • To provide opportunities for healing
  • To support better health


  • Improve health
  • Establish a stable home
  • Support integration
  • Promote the realization of self-value


  • Person-centered
  • Evidence-based
  • Quality-focused
  • Preformance-Driven